Recently went for on a holiday and read about programming stuff, lame I know! Here’s what I read:

Database Fundamentals

I’m becoming increasingly involved in the data layer of products at work (not just the front end) this resource was great from a conceptual level at explaining how relational databases work. Some of the tech stuff is a little out of date and it’s very IBM centric but on the whole a good read!

Web audio api spec

Because I’ve been working on a web audio API project for a while and I wanted to learn more about it.

WCAG 2.0 spec

Accessibility is becoming increasingly important in my work (specifically AA compliance). The spec is fairly abstract and avoids discussing technical implementation details so is open to interpretation. It therefore serves as an entry point to understanding the needs of the many trying to access content online

Raspberry Pi: record measure explore

Explores the software and electronics projects capabilities of the Pi. Good resource, though it went in depth on LAMP stuff and skimmed over electronics… I kinda needed the opposite!

Learn you a Haskell

A simply fantastic resource for anyone interest in FP / Haskell. Highly recommended